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Welcome to Halifax asian dating site on 111 Asian Dating. 111 Asian Dating is a completely free online dating site specialized in asian dating. This is the best place to find other singles, men, and women in Halifax. Feel free to check out our dating ads below for members who are in Halifax. You may also post your own asian dating ads by clicking here. Unlike other dating sites, there's no lengthy process to create a dating profile. Simply enter a little information about yourself and then you're done. If you're interested in one of our asian dating ads, you can click "reply" to respond to those dating ads. Posting and replying is completely free. Currently, there are 1 personals ads found in Halifax.

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Hi : ). I'm an honest and open person so I have lot here about me. The reason is I hope you are really interested if you contact me because you have similar values. I'm 53, an entrepreneur, well-traveled (20+ countries), and like to enjoy life. I'm open, non-judgmental, kind and caring, but I still have a little bit of mischief in me : ) and am an adventurer. I have a contagious laugh, and it shows in the crow's feet around my eyes : ). Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. I am a former prof, a published author, and I'm an animated conversationalist with lots of great stories to laugh about. I have many interests, including sports (playing and watching), theatre, dancing, live music of rock, blues, jazz, 70s rock, outdoors, camping, cooking (esp barbq), swimming, movies, pool, and playing some chess again recently. Open to anything really with the right person, unless you're a volleyball enthusiast. I never could get into volleyball for some reason: ). I relate easily and comfortably with anyone in any social situation. I believe in being yourself and I hope that you love yourself. I accept everyone for who they are, and my happiness and personal well-being does not depend on anyone else. People enjoy being around me because I'm positive, outgoing, and accept them for who they are. At the same time, I am also direct, which is a common failing among people. I am the one who will say what other people are thinking, but too afraid to say. Why are people like that? They are afraid that someone will reject them. It is safer in the herd, but there is no freedom when you are bound by your perceptions of what people may think of you. I mean what I say and I say what I mean, so that removes all the guessing (at least from me). What are your answers to 3 crucial questions: Who are you? Who first told you who you were? Who tells you who you are now? It's interesting how one has to choose a means to sell him/herself on a site like this, but I guess it is unavoidable. Personally, I don't put all my eggs in the pic basket when I look at a pic because I can't tell anything without meeting anyway. I am an egalitarian and a libertarian (not politically) and I do not have any preconceived notions about your ethnicity or age (older or younger).I won't know what you really look like until we meet and have a laugh together. When we exchange that first appraisal, look one another in the eyes and talk, and we experience something of each other, then I will know what you look like and whether I am really attracted to you. Chemistry can only occur when the two ingredients are brought together in order to discover what kind of reaction there is. Obviously, there are some filters that we have in some way and mine includes that you are most likely to be height and weight proportionate regardless of height or body type. That is a preference not a judgment, though as a society it seems that we do have an obesity problem. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that really matters in this life is the personal difference we make in the lives of others. I know who I am and how I relate with people, and have a lengthy list of those whose lives on whom I have been a significant, positive influence. Other accomplishments may effect others, but your personal legacy is based on who you are and how you enabled others. I have three grown children and my separated wife will all remain important to me. I am looking for someone with whom there is great chemistry in order to begin a great adventure of activity, travel, dancing and exploring mutual interests. Ultimately I am ordering the whole enchilada: I want to fall madly in love and treat you as much as a princess as you regard me as your prince. I thought I had it once, but I will not settle for less and I have learned patience. I am also very sensual and enjoy intimacy as a lover, so that is essential in my partner. Again, just to be honest and clear: if your first thought was any

gender: male
looking for: female
age: 55
posted on: Wed Jan 25 04:57:28 UTC 2017

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